State Conventions
Held in District OH1 geographical area.

  Year City-Venue International Guest
3rd May 24,1922 (8A) Lima-Barr Hotel (HQ) Dr. B.W Beatty 3rd VP
8th *May 26-27,1927 (2A) Toledo- Hotel Waldorf (BS) & Commodore Perry Hotel IP William A. Westfall
12th May 19-20,1931 (4A) Lima-Norvel Hotel & Imperial house (BS) IP Earl W. Hodges
18th May 16-18,1937 (2A) Toledo-New Secor Hotel IP Edwin R. Kingsley
28th May 23-25,1947 (1A) Toledo-Commodore Perry Hotel & Secor Hotel PIP Dr. Ramiro Collazo
42nd May 25-27,1961 Toledo-Commodore Perry Hotel IP Finis E. Davis
46th May 14-16,1965 Toledo-Commodore Perry Hotel PIP Edgar Elbert
69th May 20-22,1988 Toledo-Radisson Hotel PIP Joseph L. Wroblewski
71st May 25-27,1990 Toledo-Radisson Hotel IP William L. Woolard
78th May 16-18,1997 Toledo-Radisson Hotel & Seagate Center IP Augustin Soliva
82nd May 18-20,2001 Toledo-Wyndham Hotel PID Jimmy Ross

State Convention Programs.

18dc1937iscsm 28sc1947sm 42sc1961sm 46sc1965sm
1937 1947 1961 1965
69sc1988sm 71sc1990sm 78sc1997sm 82sc2001sm
1988 1990 1997 2001

Convention Program PDF Files best viewd at 50%.
Convention programs courtesy of the State Office and scanned by PDG Bill Keller.

Note: State Conventions in the years between 1920 and 1948 where considered District conventions or Annual conventions according to Ohio Lions History by E.C. and Alice Baum. For namesake I am calling this page State Conventions.
*= According to Lions History the 8th state convention was one day, newspapers had a two day event.
8A= Eight newspaper articles, 4A= four newspaper articles.
BS= Business Session
HQ= Headquarters
Newspaper articles taken from or, they have copyrights of thier own.